1. Completion of the 2019 three-year training for psychomotor therapists of Prof. Amara Eckert and colleagues (2019-2022) and certification of 12 psychomotor therapists to the German Association of Psychomotricity.
  2. Launching and completion a one-year Training for Psychomotor Educators, targeted towards educators from kindergartens, Teachers in Primary Schools and Social Educators (2021-2022).
  3. Practical work in support of institutionalized children – in Pediatric Departments in Hospitals, Foster Homes, Specialized Institutions for minors, committed anti-social acts and crimes, etc.
  4. Providing equipment for Psychomotor Playrooms and cabinets in institutions in Sofia and other Bulgarian cities;
  5. Organizing events and assisting meetings, facilitating the professional exchange and meetings of specialists from Europe with Bulgarian specialists from various healthcare, public and social fields.
  6. Consulting and supervision of the expansion of Psychomotor work in socially deprived places and poor communities.
  7. Translation and publishing of professional literature in order to support practitioners.
  8. Providing scholarships to support professionals who wish to practice Psychomotor methods in socially deprived communities.
  9. Efforts for establishing centralized policies for the popularization of the method, which are not related to paid private practices, in order to ensure that consumers have access to quality services that are widely available and not necessarily expensive.