Among the activities of BAPMТ are:

– trainings in Educational and Therapeutic Psychomotricity and promotional events in order to

familiarize with the method and its benefits to interested Institutions/Hospitals, Polyclinics,

Paediatric Departments, Kindergartens, Schools, Universities, Sanatoriums, etc.

– An annual congress on Psychomotricity as a place where Psychomotor and related professionals

can share knowledge that enriches scientific and professional competencies and

– presentations of scientific reports and researchesof related Congresses and Conferences

– organizing of intervision groups and supervision,

– translation and publishing of literature in order to support the professional practitioners

– facilitation of professional exchanges through public lectures by well-known names from the

European professional field, both during the Psychomotor Scientific Forums and with the

distribution of Psychomotor knowledge during conferences, forums of other target groups as

Medical Conferences, Social Work Congresses, Psychological and Pedagogical Forums, etc.