Psychomotricity is a professional field that is emerging, distributing and is constantly increasing its reputation in European countries. Each country has its own psychomotor history, which in the case of Bulgaria, began 25 years ago.

The history of the Bulgarian Association for Development of Psychomotricity begins in mid-2019, in Sofia as a consequence of the first ever experiment conducted in collaboration with Prof. Amara Eckert and the German Association of Psychomotricity in Bulgaria. This includes training for psychomotor therapists and the first attempts to integrate the discipline in the related field of hospital care with permanently hospitalized children, also as a result of an analysis of the needs arising from the current psycho-social situation in Bulgaria.

BAPMT emerges in the context of psychomotor practices and trainings that already exist in Bulgaria.These are trainings in “Relational Psychomotricity”, conducted by the Psychoanalytic Institute TOLK of Prof. Vesela Banova, and the trainings in “Analytical Psychomotricity” of the Foundation “For the little and the big ones” by Georgi Dobrinov. The academic community, which is expected to support such kind of worldwide known methods is aware of it through the work of Dr. Vesela Banova but any attempts to integrate lectures and practical courses in the programs of psychological, pedagogical and sports departments, are almost abandoned. Bulgaria should catch up with other countries where the method is studied in master and bachelor programs at universities in almost all of Europe, South America, Korea and more countries around the world, as well as postgraduate qualification education and is applied in public state structures such as kindergartens, schools, refugee camps, orphanages, etc.

The history of the Bulgarian Association for Development of Psychomotricity begins with the understanding that Psychomotor knowledge can fulfill its meaning, role and purpose in supporting children and adults only if it is accessible and used by a wide range of professionals, and if it’s possible to be applied in a wide range of professional fields related to medicine, pedagogy, social work, etc.

After clarifying the concept, strategic goal, mission and statutes of BAPMT with the founding members of the association, on 27.10.2020 the documents were officially signed and the association was registered.

Its current members are 14 specialists from different professional backgrounds, who work for the association with a clear understanding of the need to integrate psychomotor knowledge into policies (educational, health, social and cultural) for children and adolescents.

BAPMT values the pioneers in Psychomotricity in Bulgaria and is open to allspecialists, who have both understanding and courage to be able to require a standard of human relations everywhere and not only in privileged spaces.